16 September 2006

A million and one BFS type things*

(*so if you're not interested in such, you can skip this post...)

So the wedding yesterday was fab - Pete & Jan are now officially hitched! Scary! They had a Corpse Bride wedding cake which looked fab, half the guests were late due to the evilness of the M6 but it was still a brilliant day... didn't get to talk to half as many people as I wanted to (due to hiding in corners)... really wish I'd gone down the pub with the folks before the registry office thingy... having working batteries for the digital camera would have really helped too...

And uncle Pete had to have a hair cut! Hee! All dressed up in the suit he looked like a super corporate business man! Jan looked fantastic. And we got a tour of the new house as it's next door to the pub where the reception was...

And, naturally, any visit to Pete & Jan's has me coming back with boxes of BFS publications they've found and want rid of...

...of which, suddenly I'm not so jaded about the whole Stockholder job... cos there were some treasures in the pile of stuff I got this time... I've now got bits and pieces going back to the 70s! Yeah baby! Been trying to rebuild up the BFS archive of pubs cos we're missing loads from pre early 90s... but now we're starting to fill out... (really got to put a missing list together for publication in various places in case anyone's got any spare copies they want rid of... - off the top of my head - the '81 - '82 BFS Bulletins, Volumes 9.3, 9.4 & 9.5 as Dave S. did history of the BFS articles in them...)

And, ooh, the Newsletters and Chills and Fantasycon stuff! Fcon mags going back to '77, PRs, programmes... just a brief flick through the Fcon stuff has got my mind buzzing with ideas for next years event..

And, gosh, the photos... everyone was so much... hairier* ... way back then... and was that really Dave Sutton with shoulder length hair and a velvety sweatshirt? And Graham Joyce looks totally different with the 'tache. And Steve Jones & Jo Fletcher done up in monster makeup for one of the Fcons!! And Stephen King looks very very young! And Ramsey Campbell! Crikey! And Clive Barker looks like a completely different person (his cigars have gotten bigger, for a start... :-> ). And so does Robert Holdstock (except without the cigar)

*except Kim Newman, who bucks the trend and was short of hair and 'tache.

And the horror vs fantasy debate has been going on since at least '81.

The 'oh no, not more fantasy first-book-in-a-series' has been going on since at least '84

And there were really meaty book & film columns!

And they really knew how to do the whole cover art thing back then... even the Fcon PRs look gorgeous!

And back in 1984, Fcon was Britains longest running fantasy conference... which means it still must be!

And membership apathy has been going on since the 70's.

And, yes, newsletters and the like came out late even way back then... so it's not just me... :->
And apparently sometimes it was due to typewriter problems... a precurser of computer problems... heh!

And we had all kinds of different logos before the current dragony one...

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