24 March 2009

Turn Coat - Jim Butcher

Ah, lovely. Now that the holiday cover thing is done and gone, back to fun things.

And top of the list of fun things would be Turn Coat by Jim Butcher. The latest Harry Dresden... hurrah! (What, you need more? :-> )
So in this one, our boy Harry, helper of the helpless, receives a rather curious visitor on his doorstop. Namely old nemesis Morgan - who's badly injured, wanted for murder, on the run from the White Council and needs help. Well, gosh. This would be the same Morgan who's been looking for an excuse to kill Harry since book one, so as you can tell, hijinx are about ensue...

We get more of the Gatekeeper's mysteeeeeerious hints about Harry's Destiny. There's also more about the strange island in the lake that doesn't officially exist, and, happily, Murphy's still kicking ass and being let in on everything she can be let in on. The Weres and Sex Vamps get to play in this book, but with the exception of Toot and the pizza guard, the faery are absent.

And then there's the wizard politics. Still nothing solid on the Black Council, but a traitor is definitely unmasked and dealt with. (Totally called it from the first time that particular person walked on in the book! Hah! ::Smug mode disengaged::)

The only dodgy bit is the characterisation of Molly, Harry's young apprentice. There's something not quite right there... possibly something to do with her generally being a lech object to any man that comes in range... including Morgan... eew. Also there's one too many emotional-outburst-based magical whoopsies from her. Granted she's young and new to it, but surely someone aware how fast the Council would kill her for the forbidden stuff would put in the effort to resist doing them. Especially in front of the rabid excutioner who'll be the one dishing the punishment.

Although it was funny reading the scenes that waited for Harry everytime he returned home... :->

A lot of other things in Harry's life get shaken up in this one too, which promises fascinating things for the next few books. (All of which are needed right now, please!)

So all in all, fantastic fun. Loved it.

10 March 2009

Fantasycon Online

Now that the Web gremlins have settled down, there's a funky new website for Fantasycon here, plus Fcon is on Myspace and Facebook too! Go see!