08 May 2004

Oh yeah, and Stuart Young has a blog!

(Knew I should have popped into the BFS forums more often.)
H&N (again)

Forgot to say, we're definitely closed to fiction submissions until further notice, but still open to articles/interviews/artwork etc.
The lovely H&N
Alrighty then. Issue 4 goes to the printers next week. I can say this confidently because I've just got to squeeze a couple of articles in and it's done. Phew.

I tell ya, this catching up malarkey can be quite scary. I was rifling through the old emails before chasing up contributors who I was fairly sure I hadn't received stuff from, and I find that half of them had sent the stuff and I'd forgotten I'd gotten 'em, and a couple of peeps have been waiting since, oh, forever, for me to tell them how I want their bits sent over. Which I have now. So quite a few people will be getting emails today from little miss dazed & confused!
Oh, and if you do get one, and you've moved house since last we spoke, please mention it!

Oh, and (the second), I'm looking for someone to interview the lovely Mark Chadbourn as his latest book 'Queen of Sinister' is just out and I love his stuff! Email me if you're up for it, and the interview will appear in Issue 6 which will definitely (and I truly do mean it!) be coming out at the end of November.

(Which reminds me, must send out a newsfeed thingy today - haven't done one of those in about a year. Bad girl.)

BFS Stuff

So I'm back as stockholder again. Which is fun! (Tony M. is off for foreign climes to teach... I think English, but not absolutely sure.)

Those of you who are BFS members should know that it's BFS award recommendation time and the H&N Issue 3 stories/authors are eligible for the short fiction award this year. (plug that plug!)
Although since I'm on the committee, the actual mag is NOT eligible for the small press award. But the stories are, so nominate, and then later in June, VOTE, gorramit!
The deadline for recommendations is about the 17th May.

If you haven't received your Prism mailing (and more on that in a mo.), then email Gary Couzens at : bfsawards@britishfantasysociety.org.uk and in the email, include your BFS membership number (if you can't remember it, just say so and ask him to cross reference you with the active member list), plus the things you want to recommend for awards. Or there's one of those submitable form things on the BFS website at www.britishfantasysociety.org.uk

Prism, you may have noticed, hasn't been seen since November 2003. This is due to that gremlin called 'unforeseen circumstances' but Marie, who edits & mails it out, says the latest bumper issue was sent out last week. The next issue is in the midst of preparation.
The next issue is the one that will go out with the actual voting forms for the awards.

Also, in the next couple of days, BFS peeps past & present should be receiving some newsheets to tide you over while you wait for Prism. There's details about the BFS short story competition, Fantasycon and some of the other social events that have been organised. Like the Bath fantasy week, and a few author readings dotted around the country.

(There, that's my BFS PR thing done... I feel much better for that!)