05 July 2003

Le mag
Oh yes oh yes oh yes oh yes! Issue 3 is back from the printers and great heavens but it looks gorgeous.
(Although they seem to have added an extra page and printed an extra back page....) but never mind that. It's totally wow!
I'll get everyones copies mailed out next week.

Meanwhile, I've a huge stack of submissions to get through and I'm hoping to get caught up on them soonish. (promises, promises)

Someone please volunteer to take on the Stockholder job. Please! (I don't sound desperate do I?) All you gotta do is store 3 or 4 boxes of books and do a little order related admin. Dead dead easy. In return you get free BFS membership plus other odd perks and the committee peeps really are a lovely bunch.
I've been trying to chuck it in for months but so far no one's been biting and I'm seriously running out of time do the normal stockholder stuff, plus handle the BFS cyberstore, BFS mailings, mag stuff, run the 2 other businesses I do for actual money cash and get in some fun time. :->