17 May 2006

BFS Stuff

Dark Horizons moves on apace.... have had discussions and after the one I'm working on, there's one more from the current editors (July ish) then that's it. The new editors will be Peter Coleborn and Jan Edwards, and it'll be a total DH revamp - new submission guidelines, new time table, the lot. There's also mooted to be a bit of a contents juggle between Prism & DH, but things on that will go into effect after this years Fcon.

Fcon 2006

We're having fun with it at the moment! A little bit of re-shifting of things after the schedule discussions of last week, but still looking good.

Just collated the results of the Fcon questionnaire thingy we did - some were as expected, some were a bit surprising... I'll bung a summary in the next Prism.

Fcon 2007

The hopeful hotel option turned out too small, we've spent the last couple of days doing a manic hotel sweep all over the place... Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester (not giving up hope on that one yet - there's a nice looking place overlooking the waterfront, just off Trafford Road... but there's not a room big enough to hold the dealers.. maybe 2 smaller dealers rooms next to each other....?), Leicester, Coventry, Derby and there's a potential near Gatwick/Crawley as well (it claims to be far enough away from the airport so as not to be disturbed...)
The problem we're getting is the affordable ones (for accomodation) are either too small, or out in the boonies ala the Walsall one.

We still have the Walsall one as an ultimate reserve for next year, if we're really reallllly desperate!

Guests though - we've pretty much agreed on who we want...3 guests, one MC... one guest and the MC we're fairly confident in getting, one guest could go either way... and one guest is someone who I'd never in a million years have thought of in connection with Fcon. So that'll be fun! Apparently we know someone who knows someone....

Other stuff

Ranting is definitely good for clearing the brain - been getting so much useful stuff done since last weeks little self-indulgent whinge... :->

And the paid for website I did went down well - apparently they didn't mind that it wasn't overly pretty - they wanted simple, basic and someone that talked in English to them about it.... so there you go. Bodge a job does it again!

And now 3 of their mates have said they want websites too... I keep saying I'm not a web designer... cos I'm not... you've seen the H&N website... it goes dodgy when viewed in Firefox, the amazon button pretty much NEVER appears on the front page and I never know how to do images properly.
And I keep telling them this... but apparently they don't give a monkeys... they just want something online.
It's a bit embarassing actually, having to charge people when I know I'm lousy at it. (I will, though, but it just feels incredibly weird...)

Of course, this is an opportunity to spend some time to actually learn how to do it properly... when I have a minute....

11 May 2006

Catching Up

Let April now be known as the month of the meltdown.... meaning that things are running late everywhere....

So currently, DH, Prism & Fcon Reporter are all getting their layout finished. I know Prism is a month late. I know that's appalling for my second one. I'm offloading other stuff to make sure it doesn't happen again...
(And, happily, the co-editing DH is a temporary thing - we've got new editors lined up to take over at Fcon, we just have to get through the next couple of issues...)

I've got a Ken Bulmer memorial book I'm putting together for the BFS that's in its early stages. I've got the Fcon mag to get artwork for and a couple of non guest related articles to commission. (Anyone want to write me a fun article for the Fcon mag? On conventions, or the genre in general or something. Even on Nottingham if you want!)
I've got a BFS newsfeed to sort out.

I've got a couple of outstanding queries on H&N 7 that I haven't replied to yet - guys, I know you're there, give me another couple of days please...
I've got H&N 8 that's shaping up nicely for the end of May. Or at the latest, early June :->
I've got all those H&N submissions to read - haven't read anymore since the last blog post... will try and squeeze them in shortly. And I know I haven't replied to any H&N stuff for a while, so, yes, I've most likely received your email/submission, just haven't had the time to concentrate on it properly...
I've got some work to do on Slow Motion Wars (Hi boys!)

I've got a mess on the BFS Cyberstore to sort out - some bastard decided it was good idea to use it to try and run some fraudulent credit cards... 96 hooky transactions... (faints)
I've got to chase down some BFS history bits and try and get in a visit to Liverpool to check out Andy Sawyer's SF library. Incidentally, anyone got any BFS Bulletins/newsletters/Fcon mags etc. from 1971 to 1995? If so, can I borrow them - I'll send them back, honest! I just want to get photocopies. Or, if you know someone who has any and wants rid permenantly, let me know.

(Who said the BFS takes over your life... oh, sorry, that was me... ) :->

I've got 3 end of year income tax accounts and 1 VAT return that needs doing.
I've got 2 people wanting websites done for them - why me? I'm crap at web design. I've told them I'm crap at web design. They said keep it simple and basic, they just need something online. And they *are* paying jobs (gosh, can't remember the last time someone actually paid me to do something... usually it's... Jeeeeeennnn, can you just do me a...)

Then there's Fcon...
We got in a visit to the hotel at the weekend (timing could have been better, as I really wanted to get up to the Alt.fiction day in Derby... but that was the only date everyone could do...)
So, full news about Fcon visit on the Fcon blog and BFS msgeboards, so I won't repeat it. Looking good though. Nottingham's got a good atmosphere by day. And there's a Forbidden Planet and Games Workshop around the corner from the hotel, and huge Waterstones a couple of streets away. Bar food is good, too. So you don't need to go near the hotel restaurant at all (and who has the time to actually leave the hotel during Fcon...? Oh, right, that's just me then... )
We've got the events schedule mostly sorted now, we just have to ask a few people if they can do things and we're good. Tell ya, squeezing in 5 GoH interviews is an interesting experience... :->

Fcon 2007 - there's actually hope of a venue! We're looking into things now.
2007 committee is Debs, Vicky, Marie, Paul, me and Pat.
Same time of year. No guests sorted yet. If you've thoughts on panels or guests or whatever for next year, please pop along to the BFs msgboards and post things in the 2006 thread)

Fun Stuff...
(cos enough of the whinging already!)

Dr Who - how cool is that! Not usually a rabid Who fan - the older series I missed out on seeing when they originally broadcast, so catch up on bits on Sky ocassionally... and Ecclestone took some warming up to last year, but woah, David Tennant is brilliant. Totally off his head.
Is it me or, in the New Earth eppy, was Billie Piper actually better when doing the 'possessed by Cassandra' thing.
The werewolf one was a bit irritating though and the Torchwood blurb at the end went beyond heavy-handed... (Looking forward to Torchwood though...)
Loved the swimming pool confrontation in the Sarah Jane eppy and the Mdme Pomp one on Sat. was great fun.

Lost - have just discovered it (there's a really really bad joke in there somewhere, I know!)
Yay for E4 running repeats of S1 to warm people up for S2. Seriously bored with Jack & Kate. Can we please focus on someone else.
Liking the whole larger mystery thing, though from recaps I've read of S2 on television without pity, it's dragging a bit.

American Gothic is finally out in UK format DVD - if only I could afford to buy it :->

Heard rumours somewhere that they're going to do another sequel to both the Resident Evil and Tomb Raider movies. (Which...yay! Cos they're fun!)

Did managed to stretch the credit card to pick up a copy of the latest Lucifer graphic novel (Crux). Gotta love that Lucifer! Glad it's a limited series so we can get some wrap up on things. (Although it was probably a mistake to look at the Vertigo website/upcoming issue section cos there's a couple of minor spoilers on future events. And Lucifer is one of the few things I don't usually hear spoilers for)

Got sent a freebie copy of Telos' Charmed book - not as good as some of the other guides they've done, alas. Also hear they're doing an updated Stargate guide to cover things up to the 8th season. Now, their Stargate guide I liked so look forward to seeing that.

Telos also have a charity anthology coming out at Fcon - but then, so do the BFS so I have to pimp the BFS one more! At least, I will when I'm allowed to make it official. It's bloody good, the BFS one. Absolutely stunning. BFS members, will of course, get sent one free with the nearest mailing to Fcon (don't know if it'll be before or after - probably after.. depends what Marie and Paul want to do about the launch...) But, also of course, if you buy one at Fcon, some of the authors will be there so you can get it signed by them....

Oh, books and Fcon... the BFS edition of the PS Publishing Cinema MAcabre is now slated for being ready for mailing to members around Fcon time.

(And, of course, the fabulous Bradan book - Slow Motion Wars is being launched at Fcon too - just in case you forgot!)

Things I want to do next year with Bradan - Terrible Tourists - a comic fantasy anthology - covering fantasy and SF really, probably. I just like the idea of stories about people visiting other worlds, or, conversely, having to deal with the accidental tourists that are visiting.
Also, a comic fantasy anthology roughly themed 'Tough Magic' - none of your pansy wizards... jobbing mages, criminals with the odd weird talent, that kind of thing.
Naturally, these are just odd thoughts at the moment - so when I get them fleshed out I'll put out proper gls etc..
Main point being - I like fun fantasy. I want to publish it! :->