17 September 2008

Write Fantastic get local!

Have just discovered via the BFS news page that the Write Fantastic, in the forms of the fabulous Chaz Brenchley and equally fabulous Juliet McKenna, will be in Wokingham Library doing a creative writing course & discussion on 15th November. This is very exciting news! Finally a local event! :->
Alas there's not many details to be had about it but apparently you can ring the library on 0118 978 1368 for the full info.

14 September 2008

Pre Fcon Glee

Ooh, one week 'til Fcon. I'm excited. Are you excited? :->

What's even better is this year, minimal stress and total utter laziness. Ha hah! Except for a couple of hours on Saturday when I've got to be a bossy madam about setting up the banquet. Balloons is all I'll say to you. Why I suggested them I'll never know... Hopefully, if all things come off, there should be some fun stuff on the tables for those of you who're attending it.

Also, Fcon Friday is Talk Like a Pirate day. Woo hoo! I'm expecting some piratical type things from peeps during the quiz. And no ninjas. Oh no. Ninjas will be walking the plank, yargh!

The usual happy puppy Fcon report will inevitably follow as soon as the beast is slain for the year.


In other news... if you haven't already checked out Wonderlands then pop along as it's rather good fun.


And also the Harper Collins Authonomy website is now live. Even if you're not a writer type wanting to post your work up there, it's still fun for reading other peoples work. The main gist of it is that, through a complicated ranking system that nobody quite understands, the five books that get in the top five at the end of month make their way to a bunch of HC editors for reading and commenting.
And me mate Debs made it last month! Coolness, or what?! She's still waiting to hear the verdict on her book.