31 July 2005


So there I am, happily bouncing around the internetweb when suddenly all manner of weird things pop up on my desktop (cue 5 minutes of kicking oneself for not getting around to installing the firewall on the new machine...) and suddenly I'm the proud owner of 3 automatic diallers to 'adult' sites that seem to have hijacked all my connections. Bastards.
Have just spent the morning cleaning things up, putting in the firewall and in my usual stable-bolted-horses-long-gone way, have also finally got around to installing Mozilla Firefox. Good lord, it's done bizarre things to the Bradan website. Next time I've a spare few, it'll be straight to the CSS sites to see what can be done to clean up the code. Hopefully this Firefox thingy should help slow down the frequency of viral attacks I get.
Grrr, argh.

19 July 2005

Quickie update

Head down, working ass off.... hate July and August......

However, Issue 7 is coming along nicely, so still on track for end of July publication. Am attempting to catch up on the mass of emails waiting attention so sit tight.