05 March 2003

Le mag...

I've not yet caught up on my emails but in answer to general questions - no we don't take poetry, nor do we take non-genre stuff. Read the guidelines - I'm fairly flexible on word count and I'm always willing to have a look at more traditional styled fantasy - but nothing mushy or ridiculously language-d, I've a soft spot for adventure-fantasy tales though. Plenty of action!
Any outstanding mag orders were sent out this morning, next batch of submission answers will be happening tomorrow morning and yes, I know, I need to update the website since Issue 3's down as appearing last month.

Talking of Ish 3 - due out end of March/1st week April. It's got a gorgeous looking cover illo which I'm hoping to be able to do in colour, but budget may dictate b/w. I'm really aiming for the colour cover though. (And I'm having a crack at getting a modest arts grant so that I can do the next few issues with colour covers and get some better promo stuff out there.)
Funky web stuff

Came across this in my wanderings the other day. The very secret diaries of the Fellowship of the Ring. Great stuff!

That'll be the day job then...

So when I'm not mucking around with the BFS, sweating over the mag or skiving off surfing reading and watching too much satellite telly, I have to do my share in the family biz, which is a bunch of related services to do with renting out properties. We're like 3rd party contractors who come up with inventories for properties, then have all the fun of going around with the tenants, both when they move in and when they move out, to note down every single tiny chip, scuff and crumb. (We also do mid-tenancy inspections, and a bit of property management for private landlord types but that's by the by.)

I mention this because I've just spent all morning in Sonning doing an inventory of an old country hotel that Uri Gellar (me=brazen name-dropping hussy!) wants to buy, and I'm completely shattered! (No, none of the cutlery was bent, but apparently he bent a spoon for the lady that's selling the place.)
Oh and the next door neighbour's cat, Merlin, followed me around for most of the morning, yowling strange, incomprehensible things. I kid you not. :->