13 August 2007

Fcon countdown

...6 weeks. Or about 39 days, give or take. OMG. So naturally, this is when we keep thinking of those brilliant ideas that would have been better thought of a few months ago. Feh.
The Britannia is just about full up, the banquet is just about full up, the Rutland Hotel has agreed to handle the overflow... so that's all sorted.
The schedule is still not finalised... argh! A few changes since the prlim one I posted way back. A wee bit more juggling to do.

Luckily I'm not doing the fcon mag this year, that's all I can say! :-> Pete's got that one well under control.

And we're probably doing pre-printed badges this year. Looking at a new way of doing the whole registration scramble too. And there's two dealers rooms... one in the main room as last year, and one in that boothed walk through area that you use to get from the main bar to the registration area.
And many many launches.

Ooh, and next year has definitely been booked now. It will be at the Britannia again, on 19th - 21st September. And that's all the details I know...

BFS Bits
Prism's getting a new editor come Sept. Lee Harris will be taking over from Jay and Selina.