18 October 2008


Oops... Monday morning chirpiness is about a month late...

So, Fcon then... well this year was weird. Surreal even. (Alright, I admit, I'm a workaholic!) Shopped on Friday when usually it'd be bag stuffing... spent way too much in bastard-stones. Did actually do that whole sitting in the bar thing for a couple of hours Friday afternoon. Also quite bizarre! Then Friday evening was the fabulous piratey quiz! Yargh! Dave Howe rocked the house with piratey chat. Oh, and my table also won!! Woot! Alas, there were only 4 tables actually participating this year. (And for a long while we thought there'd only be two...)

Saturday - Jo Fletcher & Chaz Brenchley in their talks were both fascinating. Didn't do any of the panels as they were either repeats of ones that have been done to death or were on at silly hours or just didn't appeal. Call me crazy, but it all felt a bit horror-centric this year. (I know! That old BFS-y arguement again!)
Of course, not that having a demon theme for the banquet helped... (shuffles feet, is totally to blame for that one!) After frantic setting up of that one (and I'm saying nothing about how damn slow the hotel peeps were at getting the tables out and set... oh, whoops... :-> ) a bunch of us buggered off to an all you can eat Chinese place up the road. Which was excellent. First time I've ever eaten outside of the hotel at an Fcon. Ever! ::faints::
Apparently the decorations went down ok (as evidenced by people chucking the body parts at the wall and ceiling...)
Awards, again, totally horror centric. Sayin' nothin'. Congrats to the ever fabulous Joel for his win, though! Raffle... despite Guy and Sarah's highly entertaining compere-ing... ye gods, it is time for that monster to stop. Please!

One highlight of Saturday was the morning launch (with tea & biscuits!) of Telos & Sam Stone stuff. Sam Stone is a brilliant lady though she couldn't go 2 seconds without someone wanting a picture of her in that outfit. If you were there, you know the one I mean! :->

Sunday we were off early so we just had time for the AGM which was actually quite good fun! Guy Adams got in as new chair, along with his many teasing plans for BFS next year.
Oh, and the lovely Pete Coleborn had a crazy moment and agreed to co-chair next years Fcon with Guy... and, um, somehow he managed to persuade me to help out... (Heh! Time off lasted a year then...) It'll actually be nice to be back sitting on the reg table, cos I like doing that.

So far, official details for next year are: at the Britannia Nottingham again, 18th -20th Sept, and confirmed MC is Ian (lovely voice) Watson. Yay!

The lovely Pete C. is also to blame for introducing me to Heroes - something which I'd somehow managed to miss seeing until a couple of months ago when himself lent me his Season One box set...
On the plus side, this means I got to see the entire season in one hit. Damn that was good. Barring a couple of tediously boring characters, natch. Season two was a bit wobbly, but now, oh sharp eyed viewers, we have season three! Woohoo! Sylar & Bennett in an amazing double act! Loving it! Only thing is, the US is a couple of weeks ahead of the Beeb, so the internet is the very devil for tempting spoilers...
Pop along to the BFS forum to chat about it if you've a mind...

Oh, and Pete has himself a blog now http://piperatthegatesoffantasy.blogspot.com/

Oh yes, it's almost that time. November madness minus 14 days and counting. This year I've got multiple novels planned -not just because I'm a bit indecisive about which one to pick... but last year I finished the main one after the second week and there was a word war on gorramit, and words still had to be dredged out... This year I'm determined to be prepared. And drag England Elsewhere kicking and screaming into the top three of the UK regions...

If you're Nano-ing I'll be queenofeverything if you fancy buddying up. Or pointing and laughing... :->