26 September 2003

Scragged the week off from the inventory work (and, naturally, came down with a bug for half of it in protest) but ne'er mind, the amount of catch up I managed to get done is shocking.

Numbers then...

48 - the number of submissions replied to and mailed out as of this morning (some going as far back as April...yeah, I know, moron. shoot. the.)

29 - the number of submissions awaiting reading

280 - the number of envelopes I need to stuff with BFS Prism, Dark Horizons, & various fliers and haul to the depot sometime this weekend (btw, I'm in the Dark Horizons < grinning like a maniac > )

193 - the amount of emails waiting to be replied to because of...

4 - the amount of viruses that keep fucking up my email system despite..

9 - the amount of patches, fixes and what have yous that I've downloaded to stop the bastards and STILL they get in. Talking of irritations..

57 - spam-mail in 8 hours - the current record. Having to go web-mail to delete the gits before downloading is working on my last nerve. They're getting weirder and weirder too.
(which means anyone emailing proper stuff please put a clear, semi descriptive subject line or it might get accidentally deleted in a fit of arrrgh.)

On a nicer note..

18 - the amount of homeward bound drunks me & Evil Twin freaked out by whistling, humming & yelling over the fence the other night. Sweet sweet revenge.

3 - the amount of 'genius' business ideas the mother (aka Mrs Delboy) has tried to rope me into this week. For her, a slow week. (This is the woman who leaps on every single hobby or vague interest, about 5 seconds in, with the words 'ah, but can we make money from it?')

6,456,989 - the amount of times, in respect to the above, Mrs Delboy has been told quite sternly NO.