10 July 2009


So I've been avoiding Facebook on account of, y'know, already being on twitter, myspace, LJ, blogger and many and multiple forums... Except apparently everyone in the known universe is now on facebook... including my mum! How did I not know this!

So as of this morning, am on Facebook... and it is pure evil! They have chat windows! Chat windows!! Caught up with m'good friend Jan within 5 minutes of logging in and there went an hour! :-> Oh my working life is utterly doomed...

09 July 2009

Fantasycon latest

And since it's been a while since I've mentioned Fcon... this just in! Our esteemed Fcon Chair, Mr C., would just like to say...

"Details of the FantasyCon 2009 programme are still being discussed. The convention starts on Friday 18 September at around 5.00 pm with registration (although this may start earlier if all the delegates' bags, etc, are done and dusted in good time). We aim to have a quiz, a panel discussion, book launch and then another panel.

"Saturday will include panels and GOH interviews, plus some book launches and parties. And of course the banquet, which once again is on Saturday evening (giving people the chance to dress up, should they wish); the presentation of the British Fantasy Awards ceremony then follows. We are in two minds about the raffle -- still to be decided.

"The AGM takes place on Sunday morning. We aim to run programme events concurrent to the AGM.

"We have lined up a fascinating film programme, the art show returns, and of course there is the dealers' room.

"Lastly, we should have a couple of mini-plays especially for you -- still being confirmed.

"If you have any queries or suggestions, if you feel that you want to participate (maybe do a reading) do get in touch: fcon@britishfantasysociety.org

"Please note that the rooms in the conference hotel are fast filling. To ensure a room in the Britannia, book a.s.a.p. See the website for details: www.fantasycon.org.uk "

And as lovely as it would be to tease you about the potential and extremely funky replacement for the raffle, our Pete would likely rip my spine out and throttle me with it if I dared! :->

Race for Life

If you're in the mood to throw some sheckels to a good cause, m'cousin Stace and cousin-in-law Maria will be doing a Race for Life thingy in aid of Cancer Research UK on the 26th July.

And just to make it easy, you can sponsor them online! Their sponsorship page on the CRuk site is here so go spread a little love their way!