28 August 2003

20 quid? Bugger that. You can download Red Hat Linux for free from redhat.com. Gobsmacked. (can you tell I'm new to the whole freeware thing!)

Haven't tried it yet as I've edged into my 'must read books about it before jumping' stage, but I do believe it's rather imminent!
Holy fuck. Just checked Amazon and you can get the latest Linux thingy for 20 quid. That's the OS with graphical interface, plus word & excel friendly programs, web browser, email program and various other useful bits. All in one package. And just 20 quid. (as opposed to the squillions of pounds it's cost me to build up my little MS family of working programs.
Sheesh. It's even cheaper than some of the Linux books they've got for sale.

I am *so* there.
Oh joy. The svchost error is back again.

Linux. It's just gotta be done. This MS ridiculousness is driving me bug crazy.

(Cynical me: ah, so the virus-mongers job is done, then.)
Ok, so first it worked.
Then I got messages telling me that Welchia & Blaster were tag teaming it against my poor baby.
Now everything's working again.

Still can't get MS system patches to work, though.

27 August 2003

Well that worked then. Finally the bug is well and truly busted - and guess which idiot had forgotten to update her virus definitions. No prizes so no postcards :->

Apparently it was the Welchie worm wot done it. One fixer patch later and it's business as usual. Although the email & web programs were a little... delicate... when I first woke them up this morning. Mumbled a few obscenties at me then rolled over for another half an hours sleep. Lazy buggers.

Le mag
Issue 4 is in mid production. Just got to chase up one of my feature guys, and get some art back. Oh, and tell Allen Ashley that I have to have him! (Honestly, it comes as such a shock when someone's not on email. Means I have to actually put pen to parchment. Sheesh!)

Been catching up on the slushpile at the weekend (..weird worm creatures good for something then..) - loads of great stories and now I've to fight my way through a huge pile of notifications (which I had to put off cos, y'know, the email being wrecked thing). I'm being a lot harder than I have been previously as we're running tight on space for the next couple of issues. Something of a conundrum there - there's some seriously fab stories come in and I just have to publish them. So I figure the next couple of issues will be black/white covers but thick. Well not that thick, just thicker than your average H&N!

Best bit of the job that, getting a continual supply of new stories to read.

21 August 2003

Aaaaggggghhhh. Bloody microsoft bastards.
So this svchost error thingy, after copious net research, is either down to the Blaster worm bitch that's going around or it's a MS os quirk.
Fine. Salvageable you'd have thought.
Scoured the tech help boards and apparently installing the latest service pack and downloading a patch by name of windows2000-KB823980-x86-ENU.exe should do the trick.

But can I get anything off the MS site? Can I buggery. So given that patches are proving nigh on impossible to get hold of, I went the virus busting route and no, no virus here ma'm.
So if I don't go online for anything, I can scrape by for a few hours, hoping like hell I can get some work done before the error box pops up. Soon as I engage the joys of IE, however, I get maybe 10 mins of normal working than bam. One teeny dialog box later and suddenly I can't copy, paste, drag or drop, reply to emails, or even look at drop down menu thingys on websites. Freaky. Then I have to reboot before I can get anything done again.

I tell ya, that Linux thing I keep hearing about is looking ever so tempting right now.

18 August 2003

Gah. Bloody typical. Just as I finish paying for my lovely little laptop, it all goes buggy on me. Something to with an svchost error. It's driving me totally mental.

Le mag
Got a couple of nice reviews of issue 2 (from the BFS & The Fix) - will try and get them on the main website in a bit. & Issue 3 seems to be going down well (which is v. nice!)

04 August 2003

...and it all went very quiet..... :->

Mag stuff
And finally I managed to get the mag mailed out. Subscriber copies went out Saturday, contributor copies went out this morning. (Should have been the other way around but you have never seen a more dis-organised person in your life. Unless you're looking at little sis who's even worse...)

No prizes for spotting the bloopers of the issue...idiot-girl does it again! This time the contents page went weird on me so apologies to Joel Lane for not listing him or his story 'Premium Rate'; and apologies to Steve Dean whose story 'Orcs & Holes' I listed on the contents page as by Stuart Young. Go figure.

BFS stuff

Yeah baby! Got a volunteer to take over the stockholder stuff. Tony Mileman step on up and have a drink on me!