27 March 2004

One more week and finally things can get back to normal.

Since I last blogged, I've quit the main job (or did I mention that already?) therefore freeing up oodles of time to do the stuff I actually like doing. (And, yep, you've guessed it, catch up on stuff. Is it me, or has the last couple of years been devoted to catch up work?)

Also, the building work is now finished so we have the house back to ourselves. (Yay!)
And wasn't that a fun experience. No, really. The window guy decided it was so hot he just had to take his shirt off (yum. nice tattoos too!)
The foundation & brickie guys were a laugh and one of the carpet guys was an expert in Resident Evil (which was handy as I was stuck on this one bit....well actually, quite a few bits but there you go...)

And once the furniture comes in on Tuesday I can finally finally rediscover that concept known as efficiency. Well it's taken long enough, I swear. Fitting 3 businesses into 1 tiny bedroom? Never, ever, again.

All of which means Issue 4 is waiting until next week before I can look over the layout before sending it to the printers. (I know, I know. This is totally, absolutely, the last bump in scheduling.)

So end of next week is when the website will finally, definitely, get updated. I've got issue contents for the next few issues, plus new publication dates & a couple of other bits to add.
And for US peeps, H&N will be getting stocked on Shocklines &/or Project Pulp soon so that'll make it easier for you to get your supplies!