27 March 2011

Genre for Japan - Auction Items Up!

Woot! The items for the Genre for Japan auction have now been listed on their website and lo, are they shinier than shiny! (Item 27's mine, all mine, y'hear? Get yer grubby hands off!) ;-P

Bidding starts tomorrow so don't forget to get over there to show your support!

25 March 2011

Genre For Japan!

Signal boosting (to the three people that read this ;-P )

Genre For Japan!
What is it? A funky charity auction organised by a bunch of very cool genre peeps of both the fan and professional persuasion.

Auction opens 28th March and will include many awesome, rare and quite possibly unique items donated by fabulous people involved with the SF/F/H genres, with all proceeds going to the Japan Tsunami Appeal run by the British Red Cross.

How can you help? Donate! Today is the last day for donating items for the auction so if you've got something or can do something auctionable, get in contact with them at genreforjapan@gmail.com before 5pm GMT.

Bid! Bidding opens Monday - check out their website for full details on how to do it.

That website again: Genre For Japan!