04 November 2006

To Nanowrimo or not to Nanowrimo, that was the question. On the one hand, with stacks of outstanding stuff to do should one spend a month frantically writing 50,000 words of variable quality just because it sounds like a fun thing to do; or should one ignore the whole thing and use the excuse of non existent spare time?

Well, the clocks went back, which means waking up earlier, so more time in the morning to get things done, which means new optimism for achieving things... so you guess!


Went to the Heffers in Cambridge thingy the other night (spent all yesterday recovering!) and it was a great li'l event. Lovely BFS authors were there and as friendly as always, other authors were there too - had the beginnings of a nice chat with Mike Carey about Lucifer but got struck down by the usual forgetting everything about everything, else I'd have drifted into Hellblazer chat too (but couldn't remember if he'd done any, even though I kinda thought he had...)

Had many many books bought for me as November is birthday month so the perfect excuse for a book binge. (Though I'm not going to have much time to read them until after Xmas! Yipes!)

Had most of the books signed, too! I never get books signed. I was in shock!

Also had the opportunity to bounce ideas about next years potential Reading BFS thingy. First couple of weeks of July was suggested as a good time. Venue, possibly, to be Reading Town Hall as there's a bunch of (reasonably priced, according to my expert) function rooms, plus it has its own cafe/bar, plus it's in the next street from the station so there's fairly easy transport links. We've got a BFS committee meet on the 18th so will be thrashing things out then.
Personally, would love to have a Reading event of any sort (alas, no Fcon in Reading as the only 2 suitable hotels are being asses about the accomodation rates...)

Oh, talking of events, did you hear that Eastercon '07 in Liverpool has been cancelled. There's mumblings about someone emergency organising a scaled down Eastercon , possibly in the Britannia in Docklands. Thought it's all theoretical at the moment, I think.
Ansible has the best updated info on it, as well as links to related news...