25 January 2013

Adventures in ebooking

And so it came to pass that the great mother bear wrote a book.  Well, technically it was her second book, but who's counting. And lo, did it get published by the Association of Independent Inventory Clerks, for it was a mighty paperback collection of wisdom and amusing tales that all inventory clerks should know before venturing out in the business.  Which was nice. And now? Now there's going to be an ebook version.  Which I'll be ebookifying for her. So, er, yay?

The plan, such as it is, is to have a Kindle version for thems that do, and then hit up Smashwords for the multiformat DRM free versions for thems that also do but want a little more flexibility in their doings.  Or course, never having ebookified anything before, this is going to be a bit a challenge.  But, onwards!  We have nothing to lose but our sanity... ;-)