23 June 2003

Mag....nearly there.... honestly!
Okey doke, so got the first proof back, tried to fix the bugs but failed - luckily my lovely printer chap (big round of applause for Andy Cox at TTAPress) managed to work his magic and sent over a corrected proof which has now been approved and.... well now it's off to print. Finally! (And thanks for all the patience!) :->

Meanwhile, I've started putting together Issue 4 so expect to see it a couple of months after I get Ish 3 back from the printers. Phew.

That Potter chap.
So got my copy Saturday, spent all afternoon reading it (cos it was a hell of a busy week and I needed the downtime.) Bloody huge book. Seriously overhyped though - the big character death.... not that big. Really. And don't get me started on the whole Dumbledore 'something I should have told you' teaser that's been smacked around for months. Puh-lease. You could have got most of it in 'Philosphers..' without too much brain strain.
Apart from that, some good bits, some nice edge of the seat bits, and an interesting new character to pay attention to in the next couple of books.

Oooh, happy dance time
The other day I heard that I'm having a story (called 'Aftermath') published in the BFS' 'zine Dark Horizons (hurrah!) - the Autumn/Winter one I think. I'm well chuffed! Join me for a moment or two of jumping up and down on the furniture....

09 June 2003

Latest mag news
Dah-links! Just heard from my chappie that does the printing and we've still a little while to go til I get it back. I'm waiting on a proof, then once it's been approved he's promised a rapido turnaround.
More news when I have it....!

01 June 2003

Dum de dum de dum. Still waiting to get the mag back from the printers. Thought I might see it last week, but, alas, no such luck.

Ag. Tell you what, though. Last couple of weeks have been total zombiefication time. I keep thinking every day's the 16th, I swear. So everything's stacked up horrendously. Hasn't helped that the email's been playing silly buggers.

TV time
Ooh, American Gothic's being shown on Sky one/mix at the mo. Fan-tastic. That southern accent is terribly addictive.