30 January 2004

Ooh, and Mark Chadbourn's new forum is now up at markchadbourn.net
So, before Xmas I wrote this absolute beauty of a post. Went on for ages, covered everything that needed covering. Then the machine crashed when I hit the submit button and, well, meh. Lost the will to live for a while. Too much work over Xmas (I'm sorry, was that supposed to be celebratory type days off..?) means that now (and OMG, I can't believe it's the end of January already. Mentally I'm still in the first week of Jan...) I'm behind in everything again, and back in another furious catchup phase.

So updates then:
Issue 4 - still haven't sent it off to to the printer. Waiting for artwork.
Mag generally - will attempt to go triannually this year in the hope of managing to get to a regular schedule. Will update the website sometime in Feb to show the new dates. Will also email everyone who's had work accepted to tell them the new dates of their appearance.
Outstanding Submissions - anticipate reply by the end of Feb
Submissions generally - may have to close to submissions longer than June, but haven't decided yet.