12 September 2006

... 10 days left... probably... I don't know, my brain's gone...

And I'm having one of those disturbing calm moments now... got to go up to Wembley tomorrow to pick up the raffle stuff... which should be fun cos I'm itching to see our humble benefactor's house.

Oh and the joys of editorship... meant to say the other day, on editing the Fcon mag... which has been heaps of fun... not least, I had the pleasure of sorting through some photos of Clive Barker to pick what was going in... and I do mean that... his bloke is a professional photographer so there was some gorgeous photos in the stack... you'll see which ones were picked when you get your Fcon mag next week... some great poses to choose from and Clive photos very well... yum! :-> Shame they had to be converted to greyscale...

For those of you that won't be at Fcon, I'll nag the webguy and get copies of the mag up on the site for sale (£2.50) after Fcon. I'll also try and remember to post a contents list up on the Fcon thread of the BFS forum so you can see what's in there... 84 pages! 6 interviews! 5 bits of fiction! Some funky articles! And photos!! And the exclusive Clive art for the cover! (Thanks Marie!)

(Quite liking this obsessive posting of ToCs on the forum... totally weird!)

And the TTA forum standards thread moves along nicely. (And I started a 'stupid questions' type thread over there too, cos they get so many pro editors over there it's seems daft not to tap their brains about stuff... )

Something from the TTA forum spilled into the BFS forum after the TTA thread got deleted, other than that, the BFS forum has gone all quiet again. Shame. I was quite enjoying the hecticness of it a couple of weeks ago.

And Marie got herself a Wordpress blog here - must remember to add a link to the website next time I'm in update mode... Apparenly Paul K.'s getting one too, soon.

And I read somewhere (on Ansible, maybe?) that the hotel Eastercon were going to use for next year, they may not be because of security issues... ooo er... we briefly considered using that one ourselves... (and, no, still no news on the '07 venue - like I think I mentioned a couple of posts ago... we're pursuing a couple of interesing options...)

And just got my copies of Triquorum 1, and An Occupation of Angels from Pendragon... won't have time to read them until after you-know-what... also gonna pick up a copy of their Molehills of Madness thingy at the F-word. If I remember. Never seem to remember to go near the dealer room these days... too busy with the reg. desk and the like... hell, I rarely get to see panels these days either... which just seems soooo wrong...

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