31 August 2006

I'm not here. You haven't seen me. I'm really hard at work somewhere else...

... and can I just say... 22 days to go!

Fcon 2007
Have just discovered that the Birmingham possible is out of the price range, so it's definitely the Quality at Bentley for next year. (Probably!) Have got to sort things out with them, see what they can do, then by this year's Fcon we should have confirmation of date, place and 1st GoH. Which'll be nice.

Other BFS bits
(because I'm soooo not going to be able to concentrate on much of anything else until 25th September...)

Prism is pretty much done, DH is halfway done... which is a relief, so just the Fcon mag (won't take long as it's mostly done) and the Fcon micro newsletter (really won't take long... I hope).

Having the reviews back for Prism as from Oct will be pretty interesting... (and ex-editor Debs will probably think it's terrific revenge for me to have to chase up the reviewers, as I used to be abominable when I was Small Press editor.... but you're really not surprised about that, are you?)

Ooh, and I'm trying to get a regular opinion column thingy from a wicked UK fantasy author... and also trying to get a regular column from a horror author chap for balance.. (balance in Prism is a constant concern... check out the discussions on the BFS forum about perceived BFS inbalance... best I can do, is keep my area stable...)

Although, persnonally, I'm waaay biased towards the fantasy side so the trick will be to make sure I get enough horror stuff in to keep the half of the members happy.

Bradan bits
Slow Motion Wars still looking good for Fcon... definite details on it very shortly...

H&N #8, though... unless a minor miracle happens (and you never know, there's 22 days for it to happen...) will probably be bumped to the couple of weeks *after* Fcon.

Damn but all of this is just too much fun... :->

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