06 July 2006

Good: Mark Chadbourn has a new blog! And Chaz Brenchley has moved to live-journal and he's writing more in it.

Fcon has now got over 200 registered people (which is nice) and the hotel is completely booked (which is scary) and we managed to get a contract going for the same prices at a nice hotel next door for overflow (which I really must update the Fcon blog with - unless one of the others has already...)

Fcon '07 has been narrowed down to Derby (a spit away from the station) or Birmingham (not city centre, but just close enough to work. )

Just heard that 2 old friends are going to get married this year! Plus a pair of fairly new friends are engaged, to be married next year. Plus ma cousin James is now a daddy. (A baby girl, hah! That'll teach you.)

Ooh and, finally, after a bit of a lacklustre few episodes, Dr Who got good. Good gosh did you see the last 10 minutes of last weeks one? I managed to not be spoiled (which hardly ever happens) so ended up swearing at the telly. Profusely Can't wait for this weeks one.

And actually managed to find 3 minutes or so to read something new! (Faint's in shock!) When in severe overwork mode, graphic novels keep me sane (and DH and Prism was done to the stabilising force of the entire run of Transmet, Mystique, Lucifer and The Authority) So this week I managed to get hold of the first two volumes of The Authority: Revolution and one of the original Stormwatch volumes I'd managed to miss... Jenny Sparks rocks! Jenny Quantum gets better with age. And the party with the Doctors and the Jennys was genius! The Engineer just gets more irritating though.

Waiting for Promethea volume 5 to come out (not sure if I'll have the patience to wait for the PB, so may have to see who's selling the HB cheap on Amazon...), Fables: Arabian Nights, the next Lucifer, Mark C.s Jack of Ravens, and LKH's Danse Macabre (although hoping the erotica gets dialled down so we can actually get a decent story in somewhere). Think there's a new Kelley Armstrong out now as well. (You wouldn't think I was the same girl that just spent hours compiling forthcoming book lists for Prism, would you. Swear to wotsit, the thing went off to the printer, and all information dilligently researched for it dribbled out of my ears...)

And we've just officially announced the funky dunky BFS book to be launched at Fcon. Check out BFS web page / cyberstore / BFS Publications and it's right at the top. There's an utterly gorgeous cover by Dominic Harman, and it's a trade paperback! And it's 300 pages. And I'm about faint at the thought of mailing that puppy out!

And it's after May, so H&N is closed for fiction submissions... (phew!)

Bad: Good gosh, there's so much outstanding work. Had to concentrate on the paid stuff to stop people screaming at me (which just about worked) and now everything else is urgently needing doing. DH 49 and the next Prism need putting together ready for mailing out, DH48 and Prism expected back next week (see the BFS messageboards for the full blah-blah on all that). And there's always Fcon stuff to do.

Then after Fcon, Prism is getting the reviews (yeesh!) So if you've got stuff that needs reviewing, or fancy being on the team of reviewers, the people to talk to are: Mike Chinn- Graphic Novels/Comics (don't think he needs reviewers though), Andrew Hook - Media reviews (DVD/film/TV/radio/other odd things), Craig Lockley - RPG and Indie Press (games, books and magazines), Chris Teague - Main Books (I'll get contact details sorted out for the lads soon...)

I'd also like some volunteers to help out with various other Prism sections (full list on BFS messageboards!)

And if anyone wants to volunteer for doing BFS mailouts, that's up for grabs too.

And, oh lordy, I got to the bottom of a pile of stuff on my desk and found 3 envelopes with H&N #7 in that should have been mailed ages ago.... god, how did that happen?

And there's a stack of H&N submissions still to read. And reply to. And orders to send out.

And the thought of the BFS AGM is, quite frankly, terrifying. I don't mind admitting I've mucked up. But I don't do well in front of audiences...
Oh, because, I somehow managed to miss the fact that the BF Awards voting deadline was 1st Aug (when I thought it was 31st Aug) - cos if I'd realised it, then I'd've done a seperate mailing of the forms a couple of weeks ago while we're waiting on the DH & Prism that was going to go out with them. So we're extending the deadline. And it's all my fault... (sobs...) (see the TTA message boards/ Elastic Press awards thread...)

Send in the clones....

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