01 March 2006

BFS recommendations

See, I knew there was something else I should be babbling about... after seeing the absolutely shameless shouting messrs Pendragon Press, Gray Friar Press, Elastic Press and Desmondo of Nemonymous have been doing on the TTA boards, I'm reminded that the BFS reccommendations for the awards are upon us..
(You'd think I'd have twigged since I spent the weekend stuffing envelopes with the forms in, wouldn't you..)

So, all you BFS members, if you want to recommend any stories for the awards, both Issue 5/6 & Issue 7 are eligible as they both came out in 2005.
Stories eligible for you to recommend are:

Issue 5/6:
Guitar Heroes - Simon Kewin
Blooming Britain - Leila Eadie
Fear of Fitness - John Llewellyn Probert
The Autumn Beast - Michael D. Winkle
Better and Better - John B. Rosenman
Charlie the Quantum Computer - Sarah Dobbs
Choices - Justin Thorne
For Old Times’ Sake - Gary Couzens
Humpback IV - Mark Anthony Brennan
Greenleaves - Davin Ireland
From Freak to Unique - Steve Dean
Lorna - Alasdair Stuart
Modern Life - Jason J. Stevenson
The Mermaid’s Tears - Steve Lockley
Lost - Paul Bates
Mokey - Kay Green
The Pan!c Foundation - Arthur Lyte
Rainmaker on the Run - Jetse de Vries
Seeing Red - John Graham
She Who Controls the Wind - Ken Goldman
Alan Smithee Lives in Hell - Matthew S. Rotundo
Burning Bush - Jennifer Pelland
The Green Man - Paul McAvoy
They Let You Live - Ian Hunter
Calling the Tuna - John B. Rosenman
Unicorn - Gary McMahon
When the Lights Go Out - Eugie Foster

Issue 7:

Big Brother - Gary Fry
The Stone Prince - Barbara Davies
Flickering Pictures Hypnotise - Simon Kewin
My Friend is a Lesbian Zombie - Eugie Foster
Stength in Numbers - Frank Roger
Eliza - Bev Vincent
A Sordid Boom - Ian Creasey
Dear Sirs - Robert J. Santa
Daisy Strikes Back - James Brindle
The Seat - Francis Duffy
Habitation Without Representation - Laird Long
Oriental Mist - James S. Dorr
Omegalpha - Frank Roger
Field Trip - Stuart Young
Pick Me Up - David Murphy
Like Tears, Cast in the Steps of Her Mother - Gerard Houarner
Philip K. Sheckley's Astounding Discovery - Frank Roger

And feel free to recommend H&N in the Small Press category too :-> Not that we'll win when we're up against all those other small press peeps, but it would be nice to make the short list...

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