22 December 2005

More Mag Stuff

Right chaps, I must be having a good day today because it's now official - we're open for fiction submissions again! (Runs away in abject terror...)

The all new rules - just so you folks don't waste away in joint boredom and frustration while you're waiting for a response... we're implementing a reading period on fiction submissions. December to May is when I want to see your stories please. I'm reading for issues 9 - 12 (which, at the new bi-annually schedule takes us right up to the beginning of 2008. Of course, if sales pick up (and, hence, income, then we'll slide back to quarterly...) And if we get those four issues filled, then we'll close to fiction again, natch!
We really prefer email subs - see the guidelines on the website for details...

Oh, and faction and art subs are still open all year round.

Also, if you haven't subscribed, please do. If you're up for resubscription, please please do! (I will beg and plead until my knees wear out - I have absolutely no pride! )

BFS bits

Well, that was quick! Further to the new Prism editor details I gave a little while ago, Nicki has now decided she doesn't want to do any more issues past the Jan/Feb one - so for the time being, Prism will be co-edited by mum and, er, me. (She gets the hard work stuff, I get the fun stuff - great split!)

And on a BFS/H&N double hatted moment... send me your news please! For Prism, and for the new news page in H&N. Both the personal stuff - ie. been signed by agent/publisher, having a book coming out, having the next issue of your own magazine coming out, submission gls for any projects you're organising; and other genre news - details about conventions, launch parties/piss-ups, genre/writing course details, tv/film gossip, comic & RPG stuff...

You get the picture. The Prism [at] BFS email should be changed shortly to come over to us, but in the meantime, I've set up a gremlin[at]bradanpress email (or just send it to one of my other ones!)

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