31 October 2005


Gah! I know, running late again. Actually, I'm almost there with it - everything's in that needs to be in, just have to finish proofing and ironing out a couple of layout narks then it's off to print. Hurrah!

Fantasycon '06

Almost got a venue! Manchester, unfortunately, was way way too expensive, so a little more digging around and we've got a close run thing between a place in Coventry and a place in Nottingham. Went to see the Nottingham one yesterday and it's looking like the favourite - room rates are about the same as the Walsall one, the actual events room hire rates are more expensive than Walsall but we can deal with that... the hotel is right in the city centre, with parking next door, bars and restaurants all within spitting distance and if your bedroom is on the right side of the hotel, you get a fab view of Nottingham and the castle!

We've also got tentative dates for next year - 22nd-24th September; and with that in mind are pestering our potential GoH to see if we're in time to book him for those dates or if his overactive publicity machine has snatched them from us!

More as and when.....

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