06 May 2005

Smug Mode

It's back, it's back, it's baaaaaccckkk! Oh my goodness, yes. Took delivery of the fabulous beast an hour ago... shiny cover (which I didn't ask for but got anyway!), printed spine and all.

Happily the internal attempts at design carried over ok (perils of doing things in MS (bastards) Word - grey scale pretties usually look better on screen than when they print out...). Spotted a couple of format oopses which I should have picked up in the proof stage but didn't, but other than that, oh my goodness, yes.

I absolutely love it!

Have to pop up to Walsall now for a couple of days to do a Fantasycon Hotel trip with the other organisers (it's a hard life, really...) so mags will be going in the post Monday morning.

Then next week it's web re-design and just how fast can I learn CSS? Doesn't look too hard... It's the PHP & SQL thingies that worry me....

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