29 November 2005

Even more Fcon stuff

So, guest no. 2 has just confirmed. And our MC is also a happy chappie.
Just guest no. 3 to hear from now.
And, (shhhhh....) there is also the potential of a guest no. 4 if we can get his publisher to help out on the airfare. So that's possibly 2 US guests, 2 UK guests & our MC. Crikey.

There can be only one...

... which will make sense in a minute.... so, once upon a time we had 5 cats. The last couple of years, however, has seen a rapid decrease in numbers 'til we were left with just the one (who also happened to be the oldest of the lot, strangely). They all seem to get afflicted with this weird thing that the vet can't quite diagnose which basically ends you up with a skinny cat who can't bear to be touched or even come inside the house no matter how cold it is...

Anyway, one morning, a couple of weeks ago, dad comes in from his early morning whatever it is he does in the garden thing and says he's just done burial duty as the cat was found curled up dead in the strawberry patch. Nice image, and as far as we thought, she didn't have to suffer through the mysterious illness for as long as the other cats did, so, bonus.

However, last week, in random conversation, he actually admits to mum that it wasn't quite as simple as that.
Apparently something got into the garden and ripped the cats head off and he found her mauled body half way up the veggie garden. As yet, the head's still missing.
Current theory is that it was a fox, but we're not exactly in the most rural of locations. Do you get that kind of fox activity in the middle of the suburbs? And going after a cat?

Naturally, the first thing that came into mine and evil twin's heads was that it was some weird cat version of Highlander...

And as an end note to this fascinating little story...when evil twin popped down for the birthday thing on Sunday she quite innocently suggested to mum that she let the local paper know so they can do a Pets Beware type thing. (Why would you want to? Honestly!) So she rang them up, they said they would (tried to go totally tabloid about it... was there any young children in the house/in the street/blah blah let's overdramatise it...) and it's going in tomorrows edition. They were after a photo of mum to go with it too, but, alas, she's down in Bournemouth wintering up the caravan so the world will have to miss out on that little pleasure!

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