17 November 2005


Yes! Finally. It's gone and will be back soon! Phew.

Have updated the website with a few bits inc. starter details for Issue 8 (There'll be a few more faction bits to add to the Ish 8 line up... just as soon as I read the submissions I've got waiting for me...!)
Have more tweaking to do on the website though.

Then, once I've mailed out Ish 7, I can work out the all new fiction submissions guidelines (version 132!).

Other Bits

Highlander. In 30 seconds. With bunnies. See it here

Lovely stuff!

Talking of, apparently they're making either one, or a whole trilogy of sequals to Highlander: Endgame. God that was an awful film... I'm actually something of a fan of the Highlander TV series... so the theoretical concept of the cast etc. didn't bother me but god that was a boring story. Apparently the one they're filming at the moment is going to be search for the Immortal holy grail/source of power thingybob. With more Methos & Joe Dawson (yay!)

Ooh, and American Gothic is finally out on DVD (double yay!) except, as far as I can tell, only in the States and on US format DVD (boo!) Ah well, give it another year and they may get smart and UK friendly it.

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