23 November 2005

Fcon stuff

So, on a slightly Fcon related note, the BFS messageboards are finally back up and functioning - they've been down for the last couple of weeks due to some sort of weird spammer overload.

Why is this Fcon related? I'll tell you for why...! The 2006 Fcon, is, as I may have mentioned several dozen times already, the 30th Fcon. And for the Fcon mag this year we'd love to have retrospectives of each Fcon, ever. (I mention this now because it'll be January before it gets mentioned in Prism and I want to get peoples memories to work while it's still early!)
So, what we're looking for is your memories of either the first Fcon you went too, or any subsequent ones. 500 words or less (or if you've got a particularly funky story, as many words as it takes!) Email them to me, or post them up on the BFS board in the Fcon memories thread here

Alas, there is no payment involved for your participation :( but all items will be credited. Ooh, and if you've got photos you can email me, even better (though please identify people that are in the picture as I've a lousy memory for faces...!)

In other Fcon news.... guest no. 1, the same one we almost got last year, has said that he would love to come (yay!), only possible problem may be that he's got a film awaiting greenlighting and if that happens at the wrong moment he'll be directing it (or doing something with it... I get very confused..) so won't be able to make it. (sobs!)

Guests no. 2 & 3 have been asked and we're waiting back. And we're on the verge of asking our MC.
Now just the other million and one things to do... :)

Other BFS news

Prism is back from the printers and will be mailed off tomorrow morning - for all you folks who do the London open nights, the Xmas open night is on 2nd December at the Devereaux pub, 20 Devereaux Court, Essex Street, The Strand, London.
Apparently it's a little hidden away if you've never been there before so if you need to know.... Devereaux Court is a little side street off the Strand, at around the spot where the Strand meets Fleet Street.
Also, allegedly, the side street is next to The George Pub and opposite the Law Courts! (Okay, I'm getting confused now...)
Oh, and it'll be in the upstairs of the Devereaux.

It's from 6.30pm onwards and Chris Teague of Pendragon Press is the guest and may or may not be launching something book-like.

Prism news (well, sort of...)

And in other Prism news... the issue that's about to get mailed out is Debbie's last one (I'm sure I've mentioned that before as well...) and taking over from her in January is Nicki Robson, ex- BFS chair; and the infamous Pat Barber..., er, mum!

PB will also be helping Marie with Dark Horizons next year. (Aaagghh, please adopt me.... she's getting everywhere...)

And mum's taking a turn at running the 2006 BFS story comp too.. (ye gads!) We've got 3 out of 4 of the '05 author judges to come back for next year... haven't heard back from the fourth one yet.

(And now you see exactly where I get all this horrible volunteering malarkey from...)


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