02 December 2005

Even more Fcon stuff....

Guest no. 3 has just confirmed! Hurrah! Think I know just the chap to interview him too. (Mind you, this organising interviewers malarkey is always a delicate business, some people don't want to do print interviews so we've always got too many stage interviewers and not enough print ones... sigh! 'tis a challenge, so it is.....)

Guest no. 4 - his publishers won't contribute to airfare so we're frantically trying to find a way we can cover it - cos it would be exceptionally cool if we could get him over. Rumour has it, someone has a cunning plan...

More odd things

New entry to the Inventory Clerks' cache of urban legends - yesterday the old mother woman gets a call from a friend of hers (who she trained, and who has her own company down t' road in Bracknell...) ... anyhoo, this friend of hers had had a call from one of the Estate Agents she works for warning her that another one of their inventory clerks (are you keeping up...?!) had been in a house and had rubbed her fingers over a grubby patch to see if it came off (as we do...) .... then later in the day had stuck her fingers in mouth (or something..), then next day got rushed into hospital because she'd apparently caught Typhoid! Typhoid?! Good grief. Not something on the list of things to watch out for when checking over a house!

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