16 February 2009

Fantasycon GoH: The Second!

And yet more news hot off the wossname... but a mere hour ago, young Mr Coleborn reported "We are delighted to announce that our second Guest of Honour is Brian Clemens. Born in Surrey in 1931, he is best known as the creative force behind The Avengers, for many of us epitomised by the image of Diana Rigg starring as Mrs Emma Peel. After service in the Army he worked in an advertising agency, during which he wrote a script which attracted the attention of the BBC. And from small beginnings... He later wrote the pilot episode of The Avengers, first shown in 1961. Besides writing for this, he scripted TV shows such as Adam Adamant Lives, The Persuaders, The Professionals and Thriller. A more detailed biography can be found here."

So Brian Clemens joins the fabled likes of Jasper Fforde and Ian Watson at Fantasycon over the weekend of 18th - 20th September 2009 at the ever interesting Britannia Hotel in Nottingham...

And while we're waiting for website problems to be sorted, booking and contact info can be found here. (I hope!)

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