05 February 2009

Fantasycon GoH: the First!

News hot off the wossname. We have just had it confirmed that the one and only JASPER FFORDE is our first official Guest of Honour at Fantasycon this year! Woot!

Blurb direct from the BFS temp website, courtesy of Chair-bod Guy Adams: "Since his first novel -- The Eyre Affair -- was published in 2001 Fforde has consistently blurred genres, producing a wonderful series of reality-bending, funny, complex, literate and very very silly books. His Tuesday Next series follows the adventures of the eponymous heroine and LiteraryDetective as she solves crimes against fiction in an alternative Republic of England. The Nursery Crime series, starring DCI Jack Spratt, have addressed both the murder of Humpty Dumpty (The Big Over Easy, 2005) and porridge-smuggling by bears (The Fourth Bear, 2006). A new series begins this August with his latest novel Shades of Grey."

So just to remind any interested peeps, the Fantasycon essentials are now: Fcon 2009, 18th - 20th September at the Britannia Hotel, St James Street, Nottingham with GoH Jasper FForde and MC Ian Watson. Hurrah!

Now we just need to get the server problems sorted so we can have an actual working website to shout about it properly...

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