17 September 2007

...deep breaths...

3 days. Oh god.
Schedule's now totally done and confirmed though. As of 7am this morning. Oy, my nerves.
And we got a load of boxes of lovely stuff delivered from Gollancz a few minutes ago - raffle stuff, mostly.
Banquet is going to be bangin'! Oh yes indeedy. :->

And in case news hasn't filtered out anywhere else, (and I can't remember if I've blogged it before...) but Friday night we're doing a mass signing in the main Con suite - GoHs (their books will be available to buy from Erik in the Dealers Room, or you can bring your own) and other attending authors (you have to bring your own books or trust that some of the dealers have some copies lurking - again, Erik of Fantasy Centre or Bob of Talking Dead are your most likely targets there... Oh, and PS for their authors...)

The diddly bar outside of the Con room/Dealers room will be open until about 9pm/10pm but if you use that a lot they'll keep it open longer. The main bar, as always, will be open until there's no one left. They promise there'll be more seats this year.

Steve Jones will be doing a mini launch/advance signing thingy of the latest Best New Horror in the main bar. And there'll be World Horror Con goodies for sale on the BFS book table out in the reception area.
If you check out the BFS forums, the current schedule has been posted by our Vicky - but I'll probably work my way to blogging it here in the next day or so.

Oh, and the awards thingy should be fun, we have many guest presenters for it this year! You don't have to have attended the banquet to see the awards - we'll wander around and give the all clear for sneaking in once the munching and wotnot has finished.

If there's any Fcon questions now's the time to post on the BFS forum or email one of us - no one will be around from Thursday so it needs to get to us Wednesday night latest...

Repeat after me: it will be fabulous, darlings!

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