12 August 2006

Ah, much calmer.

H&N stuff

Have almost broken the back of the last H&N submissions... have 20 stories left to read and hope to be emailing people Sunday about assorted bits. Also hope to get the next H&N out before Fcon too. (I'm a very hopeful person...) :->

Fcon stuff

And of course, you do realise that every Fcon post from now til kick off will have at least some small portion of panic in it... panic is good, it focuses the mind.

So... did I mention that the Britannia is completely sold out? Think I did. We've got a deal going with the Rutland next door.

Have also got confirmation on meal times from the Britannia (which I'll post on the Fcon blog in a mo.) (But they're still teasing us about midnight munchies... we only asked them back in March... and of course, the person we were dealing with has left so we have to go through everything all over again with the new one. Which has happened with every Fcon I've been involved in. Sheesh!)

If you want to volunteer to help us set up on the Friday, we need to know beforehand - we start at 10am on the Fri, but mainly need the manpower around early afternoon for help with goodie bag stuffing (as the morning is usually full of swearing and trying to remember how the PA system works and pestering the hotel for the hundred and one things they should have done, and that table goes there and what the **** is up with the air con... )

And just when we thought we had the programme completely locked down, a couple of surprise items had to be squeezed in... we just love a challenge... :->

And we have a short play. And an indie film show.

And I've still got the Fcon Reporter to do... (this weekend. Definitely.)
Happily the Fcon mag is going ok - we're still waiting for Ray Feist's stuff but other than that, crossing fingers that all will be nice and smooth there.

No news on Fcon 2007 hotel yet (and can you hear the edge of hysteria creeping into my voice there...? Ah-ha... that's the panic bit then.)

Other BFS bits

So the next Prism & DH are due for publication first week of Sept. Prism will be fine, cos I'm putting it together now, DH I'm mildly worried about as it takes more time and the wait for stuff from t'other editor gets a bit nervewracking... :-> Hence, doing Prism now.

Oh, and on top of the reviewer appeal I've done elsewhere, we currently have a shortage of book reviewers for the fantasy titles - email Chris Teague if you're interested.

Still need help with news for the comics/RPG/DVD/film/events sections. See BFS messageboard, the Sept Prism topic.

We've agreed that the BFS edition of Cinema Macabre will be posted out with the Sept mailing - which will save space in the car for Fcon. (Need a tardis car for packing things in and some big stong men for unloading, cos, seriously, I hate unloading. Too many years doing markets. Ah well.) Oh, how the BFS edition differs from the PS editions... 1) it's a members only trade paperback edition and will not be available for sale (as, y'know, PS did theirs for sale!) 2) New cover by Les Edwards 3) introduction by Paul Kane and Marie O'Regan (instead of Jonathan Ross who did the PS edition). Think that's it.

Oh, the BFS Celebration book thingy (that's getting launched at Fcon), is, indeed, super lovely. Have flipped through it and there's some nice things been said about the BFS and Fcon by various contributors (which was rather heartwarming, esp. since it's v. easy to get jaded doing this volunteer malarkey.) Haven't had the time to read any of the fiction in it, though.

BFS Awards - if you're a BFS member, you've still got time to vote. I'm reliably informed that you can find online voting details at http://www.britishfantasysociety.org.uk/info/vote2006.htm

Other stuff

Gosh, you want more? :->

Erm... apparently the Discworld convention has been sold out... (damn... wanted to go, but the timing was dodgy so was putting off booking...)

Next years Alt.fiction event in Derby is motoring along nicely. Check out Alex Davis' blog for the latest gossip. (Mental note: this time, don't book the Fcon hotel meet for the same day...)

Emerald City is closing.

Mark Chadbourn has gone off on a research break so Ariel is taking over his blogging duties.

Oh, and Mark C.'s Jack of Ravens is utterly, utterly, brilliant. (Ye-gads, I'm such a fan-girl...)

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