30 July 2004

BFS Calendar 2005 

Hot off the press - the British Fantasy Society is proud to announce its first Special Publication of 2004 – a Fantasy Calendar based on the legend of Gawain and the Green Knight

The calendar will be officially launched at Fantasycon in September but is available for pre-ordering as from today.
All members will receive one copy free as part of their membership, any extra copies should be ordered from the BFS Cyberstore  It willl be a limited run doo-hickey so if you're not a member, or just want a few extra copies, get your orders in early!

What's it all about then?
The calendar breaks the story of Gawaine and the Green Knight into 12 parts, with a different author & artist for each part.

Who's involved?
Les Edwards is the cover artist
Clive Barker does the introduction
Our pack of willing authors are:
Neil Gaiman
China Mieville
James Barclay
Juliet E McKenna
Cherith Baldry
Graham Joyce
Jon Courtenay-Grimwood
Mark Chadbourn
Kim Newman
Chaz Brenchley
Katherine Roberts
Steve Lockley

And our fabulous artists are:
Lara Bandilla
Sara Zama
Bob Covington
David Bezzina
Alfred Klosterman
Russell Dickerson
Steve Lines
Michelle Blessemaille
Kathy Hardy
Ian Simmons
Chris Leaper
Tina Roberts

And the price for all this is just a mere £7.99  
Oh and it's edited by Paul Kane & Marie O'Regan

H & N News

In other news.... Evil Twin Hell is shifting down to Bournemouth to be with her Collective so I've now got sole editorship of the mag.  Oh the power!  :->
While Issue 4 is at the printers, I'm starting to put Issue 5 together so (crossing fingers... again) while it will be a smidge later than expected, due to the later Ish 4; it won't be too much later. 
Realistically I'll try and get Ish 5 to the printers in September, ready for early October publish; then I want to squeeze Issue 6 out for the end of December. 
Then Ish 7 should still be March, and Ish 8 June 05.  

That way, fiction submissions will re-open for business somewhere between #7 & #8.

So have I spoken ;->

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