25 July 2004

BFS books for sale!

So, sorting through the pile of BFS books I have, I've now got the following titles for sale at lovely special deal prices:
(Hoping that the links will work!)

Spiral Garden - the gorgeous signed, numbered, limited hardback edition of Louise Cooper's short stories.
Ebay auction: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=7912901728 
Amazon:   http://s1.amazon.co.uk/exec/varzea/ts/exchange-glance/Y06Y6750641Y8127090 

And the paperback edition
Amazon: http://s1.amazon.co.uk/exec/varzea/ts/exchange-glance/Y04Y0622923Y6345496

Then there's Shocks - an A5 booklet of short stories by R. Chetwynd Hayes.
Amazon: http://s1.amazon.co.uk/exec/varzea/ts/exchange-glance/Y05Y6110014Y9939919

And Long Memories: recollections of Frank Bellknap Long
Amazon: http://s1.amazon.co.uk/exec/varzea/ts/exchange-glance/Y07Y0545394Y8490819

And, of course, the F20s - Both signed, numbered, limited edition paperback books.
Issue One has stories by Derek M. Fox, Steve Savile, Paul Finch, Tim Lebbon, Steve Lockley & Paul Lewis
Amazon: http://s1.amazon.co.uk/exec/varzea/ts/exchange-glance/Y07Y4773522Y6396375

Issue Two has stories by Juliet McKenna, Freda Warrington, Storm Constantine, Louise Cooper, Jane Welch, Justina Robson & Suzanne J Barbieri
Amazon: http://s1.amazon.co.uk/exec/varzea/ts/exchange-glance/Y06Y4873727Y6123859

So there you go!
I'm hoping to get some sort of mass-book pack thingy up on ebay sometime today so will add that in a bit.


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