29 July 2014

Wicked Women contents!

Why yes, we have a Wicked Women announcement!

Wicked Women
 Edited by Jan Edwards and Jenny Barber 

Presenting twelve stories of women who gleefully write their own rules, women who’ll bend or break the social norms, who'll skate along the edge of the law and generally aim to misbehave.

(in alphabetical order, final order TBC)

A. R. Aston -  No Place of Honour
Stephanie Burgis - Red Ribbons
Zen Cho - The First Witch of Damansara
Jaine Fenn - Down at the Lake
Juliet E. McKenna - Win Some, Lose Some
Christine Morgan - The Shabti-Maker
Tom Johnstone - Kravolitz
Gaie Sebold - A Change of Heart
Sam Stone - The Book of the Gods
Adrian Tchaikovski - The Blessed Union
Jonathan Ward - A Change in Leadership
Chloë Yates - How to be the Perfect Housewife

Due to be published late 2014 from Fox Spirit Books

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