12 February 2012

BFS Noms time

So the BFS Awards nominations are now open for business here:

You get three choices per category (aarrrrrgh, the torment!) and the top four choices with the most votes go through to the judging panels for final wossnames.

The new online voting form thingy is still a bit buggy so to ease your pain -

1) when you've entered a couple of choices, nip down to the bottom of the page and hit the 'resume later' button to save your work. Then you can pop up and add a couple more choices, then nip down and hit resume to save it. (Far less frustrating than doing the whole thing, hitting submit, getting an error message, doing the whole thing from scratch all over again, rinse and repeat until the laptop gets thrown out of the window...)

And 2) apparently there's an IP blocker on it somewhere, so if you're being helpful and providing links to some of the very excellent online magazines and stories and wotnot that really should be getting nominated... don't put the 'http://www' bit of the address in as this apparently makes the web page panic and then it's error messages and losing your noms... (here speaks the voice of experience who filled out the form many many times this morning...)

If you're short of inspiration, there's some cool picks on the Best of 2011 post I did a while back, not that I'm at all biased...

So if you're a BFS member, are attending Fantasycon 2012 or attended Fcon 2011 - hop on over to http://bfawards.britishfantasysociety.co.uk/index.php?sid=94577 and share your love of the genre...


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