27 November 2011

Apocalyptic Week!

This week on Girl's Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse, I've posted five (yes, five!) thingybobs:
For Movie Week there's very short word-burps on 28 Days/Weeks Later and Stonehenge Apocalypse (because, really, SA is such delightful bobbins it has to be mentioned!)
In the Know Your Idols category, I've wittered on about Major Eden Sinclair (of Doomsday fame) and Martha Jones and then there's the next one in the Getting Around series - By Water.

But don't just go for me, the fab Apocalypse Girl collective have posted on a wide variety of movies for our Movie Week, and also new this week are more music and clothes for the apocalypse, useful survival skills, defense against zombies from a proper martial artist, kick-ass mothers, weaving your own rug when resources are low, and, ooh, lots of loveliness!

And we're now on twitter - @ApocalypseGirls - who knew the apocalpse could be so much fun!

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