25 January 2009

Alt-Nano Update

And the alt-nano thing is going just a wee bit slow at the mo... slow, but I'm actually happy with how it's going, even if the words are crawling... Protag. A is wandering her way through the underworld, meeting challenges with varying degrees of success, Protag. B is currently trying to distract the bad guys from wondering just what in blazes Protag. A is doing for so long in Mysterious Building wot they can't get into. And then there's Protag. C, my female Bond-ish spy. A troublesome creature so far, who's yielded several pages of blather with only a few useful bits and one lovely line that suddenly gave her a firm shape.

Onwards we go...

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
14,590 / 50,000

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