11 September 2006

...11 days... (hyperventilating)

Take it as given that I'm feeling guilty about blogging...

Now that we've got past that... grammar, standards and the small press... what do you think? (the TTA boards are having that discussion at the moment so drop by and contribute...)

Now, in theory, I'm all for keeping up as professional a standard as possible... not just the grammar, or the tight phrasing, or the spelling; but layout & design and everything else too. (yes, that means submission response times, despatch times and the general courtesy of replying to emails before everyone dies of old age...)

In practice, it's not really working is it? Let's face it - H&N and any related parts of its working, are a mess. Everything I do is frequently done at the last minute so there's just no time to dedicate the time that I should to give it the care it needs. This isn't another whinge. Sincerely. Or yet another declaration of trying to get better - because you can take it for granted that every issue of the mag has me trying to get things in order so that things run smoother from then on.

Actually, I'm not sure what this is about... what I want (what I really really want :-> ) is to put out 2 issues of the mag regularly each year. To have submissions read and replied to within about a month of having received them. To have no outstanding queries whatsoever. And have the website looking better. And get the secure forum up and working so peeps have a place they can get quicker answers to questions if the email screws up on me again. (Actually, on that, have found a forum and downloaded the various software bits to put it together... have to do a crash course in mySQL to get the installation finished properly - it's on my list of post-fcon jobs..)

And then to build up the fantasy book side of Bradan. That's what I really want.
(and world peace, of course :-> )

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