18 July 2006

Hot hot hot.....

So hot, in fact, that we now have one of those grown up sized paddling pool thingys set up in the garden. Which is fun. Especially with the addition of a couple of rubber ducks...

Meantime, I hide in my shady cave and find 101 things to do on the laptop.

F'rinstance: just found out that Juliet McK's got a blog as well! Okay, well technically it's a LiveJournal thingy but is there really much of a difference? Has the term 'blog' become a catchall term for any version of online blather or is it limited to things hosted on blogspot? And what's with this Myspace thingy that I keep hearing about? Lordy, must try not to get too distracted... bad enough I spent too many hours yesterday browsing through the Barbelith boards... well, there's a lot of fascinating stuff there...

Still no sign of DH48... really hoping it'll come today.

As for the Fcon reporter... well, I got a wee bit distracted so instead of working on that beastie, I ended up reading a mass H&N subs! So I can confidentally say that I've now got only 58 email subs to read then we're clear! Then I've got 2nd reading on some of them to do, as well as sorting out which of the accepted are going in which issue, and then, of course, actually emailing people back to let them know! Started out the reading pile getting a bit depressed as there were quite a few wobbly submissions... then I hit a batch of utterly fab ones which cheered me up no end!

BFS Reviewers:

Which reminds me... meant to say in the last blog entry... have talked to the chaps, and they all need reviewers for their various areas... So if you want to volunteer to be a BFS reviewer please let me know (via the BFS messageboards, I think, to save the guys getting email spam through nasty little web-bots). We need reviewers for: Books, comics/graphic novels, Indie Press/RPGs & media. Cheers

Other stuff
Health warning: do not, under any circumstances, read The Younger Gods (David & Leigh Eddings). You'll need a brain scrub afterwards.
Not that I have anything against Eddings, generally. I have very fond memories of reading the Mallorean etc. when I was wee lass. But after (gibber) the Redemption of Athalus, I pretty much decided against picking up another Eddings book.

Except I got given a copy of Younger Gods the other day (and thank god I didn't actually pay money, cash, for it.) Oh. My. God. What the hell was that then? Fought my way through the preface, managed about 3 pages of chapter one and had to throw the thing away at great speed. Relented a bit later and picked it up again - initiating emergency reading measure #2 - ie. if the beginning gives you jip, flip to the middle and take it from there. Sometimes it works. This time, no chance. It got even worse. Even took the drastic measure of flipping to the end to see if there was, actually, a point. Evidentally not.

Apparently it's about 3rd? 4th? of a series, so maybe it would have helped to have read the ones before, but, personally, I'm not going to bother, thanks.

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