17 May 2006

BFS Stuff

Dark Horizons moves on apace.... have had discussions and after the one I'm working on, there's one more from the current editors (July ish) then that's it. The new editors will be Peter Coleborn and Jan Edwards, and it'll be a total DH revamp - new submission guidelines, new time table, the lot. There's also mooted to be a bit of a contents juggle between Prism & DH, but things on that will go into effect after this years Fcon.

Fcon 2006

We're having fun with it at the moment! A little bit of re-shifting of things after the schedule discussions of last week, but still looking good.

Just collated the results of the Fcon questionnaire thingy we did - some were as expected, some were a bit surprising... I'll bung a summary in the next Prism.

Fcon 2007

The hopeful hotel option turned out too small, we've spent the last couple of days doing a manic hotel sweep all over the place... Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester (not giving up hope on that one yet - there's a nice looking place overlooking the waterfront, just off Trafford Road... but there's not a room big enough to hold the dealers.. maybe 2 smaller dealers rooms next to each other....?), Leicester, Coventry, Derby and there's a potential near Gatwick/Crawley as well (it claims to be far enough away from the airport so as not to be disturbed...)
The problem we're getting is the affordable ones (for accomodation) are either too small, or out in the boonies ala the Walsall one.

We still have the Walsall one as an ultimate reserve for next year, if we're really reallllly desperate!

Guests though - we've pretty much agreed on who we want...3 guests, one MC... one guest and the MC we're fairly confident in getting, one guest could go either way... and one guest is someone who I'd never in a million years have thought of in connection with Fcon. So that'll be fun! Apparently we know someone who knows someone....

Other stuff

Ranting is definitely good for clearing the brain - been getting so much useful stuff done since last weeks little self-indulgent whinge... :->

And the paid for website I did went down well - apparently they didn't mind that it wasn't overly pretty - they wanted simple, basic and someone that talked in English to them about it.... so there you go. Bodge a job does it again!

And now 3 of their mates have said they want websites too... I keep saying I'm not a web designer... cos I'm not... you've seen the H&N website... it goes dodgy when viewed in Firefox, the amazon button pretty much NEVER appears on the front page and I never know how to do images properly.
And I keep telling them this... but apparently they don't give a monkeys... they just want something online.
It's a bit embarassing actually, having to charge people when I know I'm lousy at it. (I will, though, but it just feels incredibly weird...)

Of course, this is an opportunity to spend some time to actually learn how to do it properly... when I have a minute....

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