26 February 2006

Messageboards are back... should the idiot spammer types flock to fill it up with rubbish again, then I'll disable the boards again and look for some newer more secure solution. The current one is a freebie thing I get from the server peeps so the search for a replacement freeb may take a while.

BFS bits
Prism was mailed off this weekend, Dark Horizons, so I hear, is on it's way for layout. So it will appear soon. It's going to be bumper issue of roughly 180 pages to make up for its absence last year.
Also, don't forget, if you're in London this Friday the BFS Open Night is being held at the Devereaux. Usual time, all the details can be gotten from the BFS site or by checking out the the BFS messageboards Open Night thread.
(Or, indeed, from the news section in the latest Prism!)

There's also a slim chance that I'm going to be there for this one (and if that isn't enough to put you off, I don't know what is!)... it'll be my first one so be nice if I see you!
Andrew Hook and David Swann will be launching the latest Elastic title - The Last Days of Johnny North... so take some crispies to make them happy bunnies!

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